Vitamin C serum, 30ml | Anti-aging skin care

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Premium quality retinol serum for facial care Remove small lines and wrinkles Unleash pores and scrub the skin Natural Tone Skin Care, perfect for dark spots and circles In addition to parabens, GMO ingredients and suitable for vegans Security information: With our cosmetic products, we are working hard to ensure that we get natural ingredients that will not harm your hair, nails or skin. However, we know that allergic reactions may occur, especially for people whose skin, hair or nails are sensitive. For this reason, we always recommend that you read the full list of ingredients before using any of our cosmetic products if you have a specific allergy. If you feel negative side effects, stop taking. Ingredients: Aqua, Hedera lapų ekstraktas, Aesculus Chinesis ekstraktas, glicerinas, butileno glikolis, žaliosios arbatos ekstraktas, B-gliukanas, alfa arbutinas, niacinamidas, tokoferilo acetatas, ubichinonas (kofermentas 10), dimetilsulfonas, palmitoiltetrapeptidas - palmitoiloligoaluronatas - 3,,. , isopentidiol, polysorbate - 20, carbomer, allantoin. Directions: Wash and dry the skin and apply a serum. Apply a small amount to the whole face and neck. If you use, use a regular moisturizing cream.