Diana Gerviene's rose oil serum "Pilnatvė", 15ml

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Product description Fresh, natural face and neck skin serum with roses and nerol. Silk texture, special rose scent serum moisturizes and nourishes. Stops aging, reduces sensitivity and stress, gently tones and balances. Suitable for various skin types, especially dry, sensitive, tired, peeling skin. The essential ingredients and their effects The serum contains plant extracts and oils with a variety of cosmetic properties. The serum provides efficiency of the sebum -regulating ingredient Squalene, an important component of the amaranth extract, and unrefined vine oil synergy with natural antioxidant polyphenols. This synergy is complemented and enhanced by the unrefined original Moroccan argan oil - a source of phytosterol and vitamin E - a great moisturizer that stops its aging, traditionally used for inflammatory, rash and allergic skin care. One of the essential serum components - the organic extremely high quality soy extract with up to 3% lecithin - not only improves serum absorption, is a great moisturizer, but also perfectly softens the skin and reduces its sensitivity. Soyal extract isoflavones reduce skin swelling, UVB effects, and skin photosensitual, while tocopherols are important cell membrane components that protect the membrane and slow down skin aging processes. They stimulate the proliferation of keratinocytes and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, increase the elasticity, gentleness of the skin, improves the barrier function of the skin, and reduces the formation of wrinkles. Unrefined jojoba oil is close to human skin sebum. For this oil, the serum is pleasing to the skin without leaving a greasy shine. And the free -flowing, ultra -light texture apricot oil gives the serum lightness and the tenderness of the texture. The bouquet of all these teams, rare oils is led by special quality roses and neroli essential oils, which reduce stress and fatigue, return vitality and radiation to the skin, and improve skin moisture and firmness. This serum helps the skin regain freshness and glow. Usage For daily use and facial massage. In the morning and evening, apply a few serum to the damp face, neck and décolleté skin. You can moisturize your skin with roses, geraniums or other favorite hydrolate.