Balmain Homme Hair Beliers Gel, Moderate, 100 ml

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Balmain Hair Homme Styling Gel Medium Hair Modeling Gel is perfect for elegant hairstyles inspired by appearances on the catwalks. Easy, water -based composition does not disappear, it is easy to use and applied to the hair. Waterproof gel activates, highlights and controls natural curls, but does not overwhelm them. Lightweight hair stylization gel, long lasting middle level fixation. The ideal composition to create an impressive image of the podium inspired by the podium. The smell of wood with an intense amber and Balmain Hair Homme, which combines the pleasant freshness of citrus bergamot and the wooden aspect of dry sandal trees. - Medium fixation. - activates, highlights and controls natural curls. - does not disappear. Usage: Rub between your palms and apply it on dry or wet hair.