Balmain conditioner for dyed hair, 300ml

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The shampoo and balm of the unique Couleurs Couture products are specially designed for dyed, too much processed and damaged hair care. Couleurs couture shampoo and balm together stimulate color longevity, restore, strengthen and revitalize the hair from the inside. Due to the improved deep moisturizing composition, the hair becomes smooth and easier to comb, while protecting them from breakage. Improves and strengthen the hair, helps to achieve shiny and soft hair. Intense, deeply moisturizing balm, specially designed for dyed, damaged and treated hair. The balm nourishes, cleans and strengthens the hair from the inside. The product contains carefully selected main ingredients: Argan Elixir, Silk and Kashmir protein, enriched with quinium seeds and coconut oil. The unique and enriched combination of the best ingredients strengthens and moisturizes the hair deep from the inside, gives it unprecedented tenderness, easy to comb and prevent breakage. UV filters protect the hair from free radicals to extend the color of the hair color. The low pH level and the highest quality ingredients restore, strengthen, moisturize and protect the hair color from fading. Improved composition enriched with the highest quality ingredients and special branded Balmain Hair perfumes. Usage: Apply on wet hair, massage and gently distribute the product over the entire length of the hair for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Rinse your hair with cool water - depending on the pH of cool water, the beneficial components of the balm will absorb into the hair and give it a nice shine. Capacity: 300ml